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  • By IM Staff
    Published: 27 Aug 2015

    The 13% VAT levy on potash and phosphate fertilisers from 1 September is being introduced by the Chinese government to optimise fertiliser investment in the country and promote sustainable agricultural developments. While demand for potash, of which China is a major importer, is likely to feel the effects of the charge, the impact on nitrogen and phosphate fertilisers is expected to be limited as both are in oversupply in China.

  • By Laura Syrett
    Albert Li
    Published: 20 Aug 2015

    Rising supply and contracting domestic demand for Chinese soda ash is upping the rate of overspill into exports. IM looks at how this trend is threatening the market share of other exporters, including the highly influential North American trade body, ANSAC.

  • By IM Staff
    Published: 13 Aug 2015

    New rules requiring European refiners of industrial minerals to register chemicals they use in quantities exceeding 1 tonne could see some substances no longer manufactured or imported into the EU and may lead companies to relocate to other countries to avoid the regulatory pressure.

  • By IM Staff
    Published: 07 Aug 2015

    Vietnam hosts a number of rich but largely undeveloped mineral resources and a new FTA with Europe is expected to see more resource investment flow into the country. One expert has warned that the deal could also ease the export passage of minerals smuggled from China.

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