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  • By Myles McCormick
    Published: 26 Aug 2016

    A bill to limit the amount of time taken to approve mining permits in the US is looking increasingly unlikely to be passed by the end of the current presidential cycle as time to conference legislation passed by the two houses of Congress runs short.

  • By Myles McCormick
    Published: 18 Aug 2016

    The holder of the world’s largest lithium resource put a small amount of lithium carbonate on the market earlier this month, marking its first commercialisation of the product. The state has big plans for the battery mineral, but local experts remain sceptical.

  • By Albert Li
    Published: 12 Aug 2016

    IM takes a look at the export stats for China’s refractory materials over the first half of the year including fused magnesia, caustic calcined magnesia, dead burned magnesia, alumina, graphite and silicon carbide.

  • By Yoke Wong
    Published: 04 Aug 2016

    A number of producers believe potash prices have bottomed out and that fertiliser demand is expected to recover following key supply contracts in China and India, but capacity will remain capped amid oversupply and weaker y-o-y consumption.

  • By Kasia Patel
    Published: 29 Jul 2016

    Some oil and gas industry participants have pointed to the recent uptick in oil prices and rig count as signs of a recovery, however, DW has predicted a turnaround is unlikely before 2018.

  • By Shruti Salwan
    Published: 22 Jul 2016

    The government's new proposals over the mining of atomic minerals have been criticised by the industry, which opposes both the mining guidelines and the classification of beach sand minerals.

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