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  • By Myles McCormick
    Published: 27 May 2016

    The continued growth in the need for lithium was a given at the 8th Lithium Supply and Markets conference in Las Vegas this week. The availability of supply in the near term remains less of a certainty, however.

  • By Davide Ghilotti
    Published: 19 May 2016

    The solar photovoltaic (PV) industry is at last experiencing its heyday after decades spent at the periphery of the energy market. With solar growing at arguably its fastest pace in history, the sector needs an ever-expanding supply chain, creating a plethora of business opportunities for raw material suppliers, including industrial minerals producers.

  • By IM Staff
    Published: 13 May 2016

    An EU-funded project has developed innovative deep-mining strategies that are set to cut Europe’s dependence on the imported rare earth elements (REEs) within four years, while also curbing environmental damage.

  • By IM Staff
    Published: 06 May 2016

    With optimism on the titanium dioxide (TiO2) scene contrasting slipping zircon prices, Cameron Perks, consultant and IM correspondent, spoke to managing director and CEO of Iluka Resources David Robb about the mineral sands market and where the world’s most significant zircon producer thinks it may be heading.

  • By Davide Ghilotti
    Published: 29 Apr 2016

    With commodity markets free-falling for some time now, deciding to put money into mining projects could be considered as safe an investment as playing roulette.

  • By Myles McCormick
    Published: 22 Apr 2016

    Though unlikely to rival the electric vehicle industry for size, grid energy storage is likely to become one of its largest end-markets for lithium-ion batteries. Questions remain as to what size the market will reach, however.

  • By IM Staff
    Published: 14 Apr 2016

    Mining is to end on the world’s second largest sand island. In response to community, Aboriginal land rights issues and environmental concerns, a draft proposal was released by the Australian Queensland Government last December outlining the eventual closure of Sibelco’s mining operations on North Stradbroke Island.

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