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  • By IM Staff
    Published: 26 Nov 2015

    The Middle Eastern kingdom is a major producer of phosphate and also mines a handful of other minerals for domestic consumption and export. The country is now looking to exploit its shale reserves, which are mostly too shallow for fracking, but low oil prices are threatening the plans.

  • By Liz Gyekye
    Published: 19 Nov 2015

    UK Prime Minister David Cameron has recently announced plans to construct new homes for the country's growing population. Expansion in the construction sector and a rebound in house building, which grew 18% last year, will fuel demand for minerals such as fire clay, kaolin and alumino-silicates consumed by the sector.

  • By IM Staff
    Published: 12 Nov 2015

    The free trade agreement currently in discussion could benefit a number of mineral producers in New Zealand including Imerys Ceramics' New Zealand division and Dominion Salt, for which Europe has never been a natural market owing to the high percentage of export costs accounted for by freight.

  • By James Sean Dickson
    Published: 06 Nov 2015

    On a recent site visit to Sierra Leone, the UK-listed TiO2 feedstock miner told IM that it is expecting flat, followed by steadily rising prices in currently depressed titanium-based chemicals markets, potentially marking a reversal of the continued declines since 2012.

  • By IM Staff
    Published: 29 Oct 2015

    Both the US and the EU have said that restrictive licencing requirements for importing boric acid into India could harm growth in the industry and have called on the WTO to request that the Modi-led BJP government relaxes the trade regulations.

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