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  • Morgan unveils new SiC kiln material IM April 2017

    Material launched in Europe in 2015; New demand from US as emissions cut; To be used in kiln furniture, non-ferrous smelting Read More

  • Heilongjiang province focuses efforts on graphite processing IM April 2017

    New mines must have processing capabilities; Economic hopes pinned on graphite; Processing stockpiled graphite not discussed Read More

  • Nordic Mining case closed IM March 2017

    The ESA closed three complaint cases against Norway’s decision to permit mineral sands junior Nordic Mining to dispose of rutile tailings in the Ford Fjord. Nordic Mining spoke to Kasia Patel, North American Editor, about its processing plans and safeguards for sustainable tailings disposal. Read More

  • Lithium recycling still ‘too expensive’ IM February 2017

    Read More

  • Outotec lowers guidance over mining challenges 21 December 2016

    The company has lowered its full year EBIT guidance and announced the establishment of a services business to strengthen its footprint in this area, following a drop in earnings reported last month. Read More

  • M350: Not just another cheap mill IM December 2016-January 2017

    IIT has just launched a new low energy milling technology for a range of powder processing applications and the company has already seen interest from a number of industrial mineral segments. Kasia Patel, North American Editor, finds out more. Read More

  • Refractory machinery makers target SE Asia IM November 2016

    Emerging markets that are boosting their productions are increasing demand for oven and furnace equipment – such as fuel burners – although sources noted that existing financial issues can pose a hurdle to business. Read More

  • STET: Beyond fly ash IM October 2016

    ST Equipment Technology has long been focused on processing fly ash but the company is now looking into the beneficiation of other industrial minerals. Kasia Patel, North American Editor, spoke to the company about its diversification and the challenges it faces as it applies its separation technology in new areas. Read More

  • Refractory application: Mixing it up IM September 2016

    With consolidation spreading from refractory end markets throughout the supply chain, IM spoke to Alabama-based refractory installation equipment specialists, Blastcrete, about staying one step ahead of the competition. Read More

  • Iran calls for upgrades in mineral processing tech IM July-August 2016

    Providers of processing technology and equipment manufacturers could find a new market in Iran. The country is seeking better machinery as it opens up to the international market again and strives to achieve better mining results, Davide Ghilotti, Chief Reporter, heard at the 23rd IM Congress in Prague. Read More

  • Technology the key to newcomers in lithium? IM June 2016

    Novel technology may be a key differentiating factor between junior lithium projects, according to industry experts. Read More

  • Lithium Australia “revolutionises” lithium production IM May 2016

    Lithium Australia NL announced in February this year to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) that it had achieved a processing breakthrough to revolutionise lithium production. The process is known as ‘Sileach’ and is undertaken at low temperatures and atmospheric pressures to achieve a low-energy, environmentally friendly, low-cost extraction of metals, in particular lithium, from silicate minerals. Cameron Perks, IM Correspondent, finds out more. Read More

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