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  • By Yoke Wong
    Published: 21 Apr 2017

    Beijing has intensified efforts to clamp down on tax evasion on industrial minerals imports and exports to and from China.

  • By Albert Li
    Davide Ghilotti
    Published: 12 Apr 2017

    Intermittent production issues are starting to have an effect on Chinese export prices for fused magnesia, while caustic calcined and dead-burned magnesia are holding for the moment. Meanwhile demand for European material is on the rise, according to market participants.

  • By Davide Ghilotti
    Published: 07 Apr 2017

    Statistics from Chinese customs officials show a rapid uptrend in volume and value of chromite materials entering China since the second half of last year, with a peak this January.

  • By Yoke Wong
    Published: 29 Mar 2017

    Growing soda ash and chlor-alkali industries in India will support and drive domestic salt production higher, producer Dev Salt told delegates at the Roskill’s 2017 Salt conference.

  • By IM Staff
    Published: 14 Mar 2017

    An increase in numbers of people attending this year’s annual Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) international convention signalled to some a return of confidence to the global mineral exploration and mining industry.

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