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IM September 2017


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  • A rock and a hard place

    Demand for refractory products is evolving, forcing suppliers to upgrade their offers and processes to stay ahead of the game, while Chinese-origin raw materials are appreciating on the back of supply shortages, making productions costlier, Davide Ghilotti, IM Chief Reporter, finds. Read More

  • Flame tamers: Brucite, huntite and hydromagnesite

    Magnesium minerals boast several unique properties which make them superlative flame retardants, but as Ian Wilson, Consultant*, explains, despite their wide application many of these minerals are only recovered in a handful of places across the world. Read More

  • Global Refractories: Facing the next production revolution

    One of the largest markets for industrial minerals, refractories are essential for producing steel, glass, ceramics, cement and lime and for many other processes requiring high temperatures. But as Richard Flook* explains, despite their crucial role, manufacturers of these products are facing significant challenges from changing global trends. Read More

  • Indian refractories sector hopes rising steel tide will lift all boats

    Booming steel production has helped prop up demand for Indian refractories amid lacklustre demand from cement and foundries, but as Sunder Singh, IM Correspondent explains, the country’s relatively healthy market is attracting increased foreign competition. Read More

  • Not a Cinderella story: Half a century of Industrial Minerals

    Long dismissed as the Cinderella of the commodities world, industrial minerals were regarded as high bulk, low value for most outside the network which makes up our world. But after 50 years IM is looking forward to a glittering future - and so are those at the top of the industrial minerals tree, interviewed in turn about the changing face of the industry. Read More


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  • IM's September Price Movements

    IM's monthly price movements. Read More

  • IM Prices August 2017

    See article below, from the July-August issue of Industrial Minerals magazine, for market updates on price movements in various industrial minerals. Minerals featured this month include: fluorspar, graphite, lithium, alumina, bauxite, magnesia, barytes, iodine, antimony trioxide. Read More